SPSS variables allow periods, per IBM Documentation:

For example, A._$@#1 is a valid variable name.

But the period is a special character. How do you escape a period in a variable name in SPSS syntax when reading from a text file? E.g.to read variable x.1

    x A5
    y F
    z F
    x.1 F
    x.2 F
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    This should not be a problem, as long as the period/dot is not at the end of the variable name... Do you get an error if you try? The manual says: Variable names ending with a period should be avoided, since the period may be interpreted as a command terminator. You can only create variables that end with a period in command syntax. You cannot create variables that end with a period in dialog boxes that create new variables. – pm-b Jul 27 at 0:03

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