I want to load a variable dynamically with values from an unmapped database (separate Entity Manager "ps"). I created the variable $categories for example.

namespace AppBundle\Entity;

 * ModProduct
 * @ORM\Table(name="mod_product")
 * @ORM\Entity
class ModProduct
public static $categories = [];

Now I want to fill this property with values. I thought of the following solutions:

  • Create a Repository file, but this can only create "findBy"-functions, afaik
  • Load the Entity Manager in the Entity Class, but this is considers bad practice and I can't really find a way to do so.
  • Indirect way: load the data from the PS-Database into a e.g. json file and create a __construct in the Entity to populate the $categories variable

The result should simply be, whenever I need ModProduct::$categories it should have fetched the categories once from the secondary database and populated the array for further usage.


I would probably create a postLoad event-listener and use it to do whatever you need when the entity is loaded.

Therefore just create a new class

// Event listener

namespace Whatever;

use Doctrine\ORM\Event\LifecycleEventArgs;

class MyEventListener
    public function postLoad(LifecycleEventArgs $args)
        $entity = $args->getObject();
        // your logic here..

then declare it as a service with related tag

  // services.yaml

        - { name: doctrine.event_listener, event: postLoad, method: postLoad }

More info in the official documentation.

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