import from tt_news in TYPO3 8 LTS with actual news and news_ttnewsimport is working fine. But we had some individual fields in tt_news and i want to import theese fields too in individuel fields in news.

So i made a new extension which extends news with individual fields. It is working fine: i can edit them in the backend and print content in the frontend.

Then i modified getImportData() in TTNewsNewsDataProviderService of news_ttnewsimport and added my new fields. The content of the individual fields of tt_news is fetched, i controlled it with a log-file. But the content was not written in the database ... I controlled the getter and setter in my configuration of news but all seems correct.

After some debugging i found that all commands which write the content in news are hardcoded in news/Classes/Domain/Service/NewsImportService.php:


After adding my fields all works:


So my problem is fixed ... well some how: it seems dirty to change a class of an extension in order to handle individual fields.

Is there a correct possibility to make the import work with individual fields, without patching news?


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