I'm using VS Code 1.25.1 on Win10. When I open the Explorer icon and look at a list of files in a folder, it shows the files listed alphabetically. I want to sort them by date modified, but I don't see any options to sort by other fields. Are there keyboard shortcuts? Any other options? Thanks.

  1. Open user settings (Mac: cmd+, Windows/Linux: ctrl+,).
  2. If you want this new sort order to apply to all VSCode projects, continue to step three. If you want it to apply only to the currently opened folder/workspace, first click on the "Workspace" tab that's directly below the settings search bar, then continue to step three.
  3. Using the settings search bar, search for the following setting ID: explorer.sortOrder.
  4. Click the dropdown for that setting and select your preferred sort order (in your case, modified).
  5. If you'd like to quickly toggle this setting between different values (via a keyboard shortcut), use the Settings Cycler extension.
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    Thx for responding. I see the options now: 'mixed' (files and folders sorted combined) 'type' (by file type) 'modified' (by last modified date) 'filesFirst' (sort files before folders) The next logical question is can we toggle between values with keyboard shortcuts or another technique?
    – Tom
    Jul 26 '18 at 20:36
  • Updated answer with option for adding a keyboard shortcut to toggle between the different values. Dec 4 '19 at 19:48

A more user friendly approach can be:

  1. Open the workspace settings:


    And open: Preferences: Open Workspace Settings.

  2. Browse to Features > Explorer using the sidebar.

    Open worlspace settings

  3. Use the Sort Order option to customise sorting.

    Select Sort Order in settings

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