I want to call to the value of Text component when I press it. But, actually, I haven't enough knowledge for that.

Can you, please, tell me, which library or component should I use?

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If you look at the source code for react-native-phone-call, it's ultimately just a wrapper for:

import {Linking} from 'react-native'

You can use this method to call numbers in android and ios, place this method in a utils file and use the method wherever you want. cheers

import { Linking, Alert, Platform } from 'react-native';

export const callNumber = phone => {
  console.log('callNumber ----> ', phone);
  let phoneNumber = phone;
  if (Platform.OS !== 'android') {
    phoneNumber = `telprompt:${phone}`;
  else  {
    phoneNumber = `tel:${phone}`;
  .then(supported => {
    if (!supported) {
      Alert.alert('Phone number is not available');
    } else {
      return Linking.openURL(phoneNumber);
  .catch(err => console.log(err));
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    And don't forget added to Info.plist -> <key>LSApplicationQueriesSchemes</key> <array> <string>tel</string> <string>telprompt</string> </array> – Andrey Patseiko Oct 1 '19 at 9:23
  • Thank you very much for the complete solution, and also thanks for @AndreyPatseiko for explaining about the Info.plist key. This is answer is way more complete than the one tagged as the "best answer" – Gabcvit Oct 23 '19 at 9:33

it is very simple for ios:

import {Linking} from 'react-native'

<Text onPress={()=>{Linking.openURL('tel:119');}} style={styles.funcNavText}>119</Text>

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    Great answer. Works both on iOS and android. No need to import Platform from react-native. – Dr. Younes Henni Sep 17 '19 at 13:51
import React, { Component } from "react";
import {Linking,Platform,TouchableOpacity,Text} from "react-native";
export default class MakeCall extends Component {
 dialCall = (number) => {
    let phoneNumber = '';
    if (Platform.OS === 'android') { phoneNumber = `tel:${number}`; }
    else {phoneNumber = `telprompt:${number}`; }
                   height: 30,
                   width: 30,
                   backgroundColor: "#329df4",
                   alignItems: "center",
                   justifyContent: "center",
                   borderRadius: 5


Not a real Answer, but I don't have enough rep to comment.

What about react-native-phone-call or react-native-communications?


Simply onPress action with {Linking.openURL(tel:${phonenumber});} can be put

<Text onPress={()=>{Linking.openURL('tel:8777111223');} }>8777111223</Text>

ps:Dont forget to import Linking from 'react-native'


1. install react-native-phone-call package using npm

$ npm install --save react-native-phone-call

2. create a method called makeCall()

makeCall = (number) => {
     const args = {
         number: number, // String value with the number to call
         prompt: true // Optional boolean property. Determines if the user should be prompt prior to the call 

3. call the method in onPress event of a TouchableOpacity

<TouchableOpacity key={index} style={{width: '80%', height: 80, backgroundColor: 'rgb(186, 186, 186)',  alignItems:'center', justifyContent: 'space-between', borderBottomWidth: 0.5, borderBottomColor: '#000000'}}
             onPress={()=> this.makeCall(item.contactNumber)}

On android, react-native-send-intent is great to dial a phone number without opening android dialer app.

On iOS, use the openUrl method which do (almost) the same.

  • I Want to know that is there any way to make a call without opening the dialer – Puneet Kansal Dec 17 '20 at 14:35
  • I've made a native lib for this, but not published it to NPM yet. It still use the Phone app, but it won't ask user to confirm dialing. – Massale Jan 7 at 15:02
  • you must publish it, if it's working great – Puneet Kansal Jan 8 at 6:51

An example:

<ButtonOrange onPress={() => { Linking.openURL(`tel:999990000`) }}>
        <Icon name="phone" size={18} color="#fff" />

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