ASP.NET MVC jquery 401 Unauthorized error with ASP authentication

Hey, iam making fancy chat web app but i had "little problem" with client reconnection after server is restarted. So i tried to update NuGet packages:

  • Microsft.ASpNet.Signalr
  • Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR.Core
  • Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR.JS
  • Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR.SystemWeb


  • jQuery
  • jQuery.Validation
  • Microsoft.jQuery.Unobtrusive.Validation

even later

  • everything

And then the "big problem" happend. When i use [Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR.Authorize] attribute on my hub i get this 401 Unauthorized error -> Screenshot

VM82 jquery-3.3.1.min.js:2 GET http://localhost:54954/signalr/negotiate?clientProtocol=1.5&connectionData=%5B%7B%22name%22%3A%22onlinehub%22%7D%5D&_=1532595791978 401 (Unauthorized)

and also after i have these warning messages ->Screenshot

  • Warning TS6053 (JS) File 'C:/Honza/Projekty/C# Projekty/ASPNET Test2/WebApplication2/WebApplication2/Scripts/jquery.signalR.version.js' not found.
  • WebApplication2 JavaScript Content Files C:\Honza\Projekty\C# Projekty\ASPNET Test2\WebApplication2\WebApplication2\Scripts\jquery.signalR-2.2.3.js

So i tried to remove the [Authorize] attribute but now i get Null reference error-> Screenshot

System.NullReferenceException: The object reference is not set to an instance of the object

So if i understand correctly i need the [Authorize] attribute in order to work with Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR.Hubs.HubCallerContext


  • I did not get any 401 error before that NuGet Updates
  • i saw similar issues where the solutions was changing Web.config, so here is my Web.config

My questions are: What makes the "401 (Unauthorized) error" in my case, why it makes that error, and how to solve it ?

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