after looking on the Discord.js docs i can find an answer for the question, does someone know how to do it? theres already a question the page but has no answers or comments.

imagine that someone on the chat sentí an image, is there a way of the bot downloading the image or get the url of the image?



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For starters... You'd need the code to access the attachment.

    if(msg.attachments.first()){//checks if an attachment is sent
        if(msg.attachments.first().filename === `png`){//Download only png (customize this)
            download(msg.attachments.first().url);//Function I will show later

Note: I limited attachments to png only so we download verified images. Otherwise we might download some bad scripts and possibly viruses. Be careful when downloading stuff.

Now the code I just gave you calls download and passes in the url.
Now you will need the request module AND the fs module.

Why? Glad you asked... The request module accesses the url and pulls it the data from the web.
The fs module create/reads/writes files on your local/external machine...

Using the two modules, we will pull it and then save it.

Now lets assume url is this meme.png (discord png attachment)

let request = require(`request`);
let fs = require(`fs`);
function download(url){
        .on('error', console.error)

and Voila! We now have a meme.png image about Doritos XD


Besides the link I posted in the comments section, from looking at the Discord documentation, it appears the url is in the attachment object.

enter image description here

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