We are building a mobile application in React Native, with the support of Expo. After some time we decided to detach the expo to use other native benefits along with expo. It supports both the platforms, Android and IOS

I was able to detach our application successfully from the expo, using the instructions mentioned here. We have got android and ios folder with us and everything is working fine.

Now, we want to generate a standalone signed APK from the application. I am referring this for the steps. It does produce the APK but, somehow, its not working after installation on the device. Post install, if I try to open the app it gives error screen with the message,

could not load the app

Sharing the screenshot below

enter image description here

I am not sure what I am doing wrong

Before coming to StackOverflow's Aks Question stage, I did follow many post/questions but seems like unfortunately, they ain't helping me. here are few,

How can I resolve this issue? Any suggestions/pointers would be highly appreciated.


Okay, after spending a couple of more hours I got the root cause of the issue. It was a minor one but, there are high chances to happen while development.

Actually, our application was containing two expo accounts in it. This happened mistakenly while development. Having the unique expo account in the application did solve my issue.

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