I am trying to manipulate Chrome from my excel VBE using the selenium add-in. Please note:

  • I have included Selenium Type Library in my references. I am running Chrome v67.
  • I have replaced the Chromedriver.exe file in the Selenium Basic directory with the version compatible with Chrome v67 (i.e. Chromedriver version 38)

My VBA is as follows:

Public Sub seleniumtutorial()
Dim bot As New WebDriver
'bot.AddArgument "--headless"
'bot.AddArgument "--disable-extensions"
bot.Start "chrome", "http://google.com"
bot.Get "/"
bot.TakeScreenshot.SaveAs (ActiveWorkbook.Path + "/screenshot.jpg")
End Sub

I am getting the following error message:

enter image description here

If I include this line of code, then there is no error message but then I cannot see the chrome window:

bot.AddArgument "--headless"

If I include this line of code, it doesn't solve the issue (as was suggested on other SO answers to this similar question..)

bot.AddArgument "--disable-extensions"

EDIT: The link referenced as 'the answer' to my question does not provide a satisfactory solution to my problem, and in any case is not applicable for VBA.

  • Chris - thank you for this. Much appreciated. You have restored my faith in the SO community ;) – Noobster Aug 1 '18 at 6:49

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