I want to build a desktop app with C++. I already built my code using the basic command prompt of visual studio and now want to translate that into a desktop application with a user friendly interface.

I heard I can do that by either coding the interface using Win32 APIs or by using Blend for Visual Studio. I am more of a UI guy and also not an experienced coder and I think I would go for Blend. My question is: if I build the app with Blend (2017) is there a way I can make my app run on older versions of Windows? (older than Windows 10)

  • Blend is a tool to author XAML. XAML is used with WPF, that can run on systems prior to Windows 10, but you cannot immediately use C++ with WPF. XAML is also used for GUIs in the UWP. While UWP allows you to write C++ code, it requires that you are a rock solid C++ developer. C++/WinRT is not for the faint at heart. UWP is available on Windows 10 only. Commented Aug 7, 2018 at 17:07


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