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A class contains a private array

private  var _members = [Member]()

How can I give clients read access to that array?

Clients should be able to access the members, but not modify the array. The following solution is probably too expensive

var members : [Member] { return _members } // too expensive?

It is too expensive because, if I got it right, it returns the entire array each time the client access an element (theObject.members[i])

My current solution is as follows:

var membersCount : Int { return _members.count }
func memberFrom(no:Int) -> Member { return _members[no] }

The client may thus iterate through the members as follows:

for i in 0..<theObject.membersCount {
     let member = theObject.memberFrom(no:i)

Question: Is there a better way to give clients read-access to an array?

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