Deploy a UI5 application to Hana system or Web IDE

Hello Everyone, I am working on one UI5 application where I am trying to implement CI(Continuous Integration) and CD(Continuous deployment). Now I have got CI working and just wondering how do I achieve CD part. My development ecosystem is the following:

  1. Using VSCode for UI5 development
  2. Using Gitlab for CI. In CI I am running Unit tests and OPA5 tests
  3. Using Karma test runner with Grunt
  4. For CD I don't know what I should do? I am just wondering if there is any command line interface or grunt plugin I can use to deploy the application code or application files to HANA System or WEB IDE

Now I have googled a little bit and found out that I can use XS Cli but could not find any tutorial on this. I am really hoping if I can find any grunt plugin or any task runner plugin like gulp or webpack

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