Is there a framework supported way in to decode diacritics in a textbox without just decoding the whole string and allowing HTML content?

If, the text box contains:


When re-rendering the page it becomes:


What is the correct way to allow these diacritics to display properly? using the inbuilt decode option results in:


I could make a whitelist and convert these characters on the fly, but that seems clunky as I might miss some or allow potentially dangerous characters through by mistake. What is the recommended way to support these characters in MVC5?

  • Are you seeing that in the HTML source or the rendered HTML output? Without checking a Unicode table directly, those two things are probably equivalent and display as the same thing. – David Maze Jul 29 at 18:41
  • It's in a TextBox input field. As you say, in display code it renders very much the same and so isn't an issue. – Kaine Jul 29 at 18:47

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