gdallocationinfo -valonly -wgs84 file longitude latitude 

provides the value from the file at the resolved pixel.

Is there a gdal function that can provide an interpolated value from the neighbouring pixels?

For example these calls read elevation from Greenwich Park in London:

gdallocationinfo -wgs84 srtm_36_02.tif 0 51.4779

gdallocationinfo -wgs84 srtm_36_02.tif 0 51.4780

That's a 10 metre drop in elevation for a movement of 0.0001°, about 11 metres north.

The pixels in the file are quite coarse - corresponding to about 80 metres on the ground. I want to get smoother values out rather than sudden big jumps.

The workaround I'm currently using is to resample the source file at four times the resolution using this transformation:

gdalwarp -ts 24004 24004 -r cubicspline srtm_36_02.tif srtm_36_02_cubicspline_x4.tiff

The elevations requests for the same locations as previously using the new file:

gdallocationinfo -wgs84 srtm_36_02_cubicspline_x4.tiff 0 51.4779

gdallocationinfo -wgs84 srtm_36_02_cubicspline_x4.tiff 0 51.4780

which is much better as that is only a 2 metre jump.

The downside of this approach is that it takes a few minutes to generate the higher resolution file, but the main problem is that the file size goes from 69MB to 1.1GB.

I'm surprised that resampling is not a direct option to gdallocationinfo, or maybe there is another approach I can use?

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