I am new to android studio and I'm doing my university project in it. Essentially what I am trying to do is allow the user to import an mp3 file from their device and then generate a static waveform image from the mp3 file.

I have searched around but all I can seem to find is animated visualizers that illustrate the waveform as the mp3 is playing on the device. I just want a static image that the user can save to their phone.Please see attached image.

waveform image

enter image description here

If anyone can assist me with this or direct me towards some resources that I could use it would be greatly appreciated.


The best library you can use is FFMPEG, its an application you run by command line. Here some source code for the library: source 1, source 2

About the waveform image, ffmpeg have some resources to extract images from video/audio, you have to search for the command and see how to do it.

I never made something like that, so I don't know the exactly command but I know the better library you can use to make what you want to make, is ffmpeg.

If you have any other question about ffmpeg, feel free to ask me.

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