I have a HTML form written in plain HTML (i.e. not using a createFormBuilder object) and I want my controller to handle the submission of that form in the same way that it would if I had created it using createFormBuilder.

My form's path is the same as the @route for the method in the controller, but I can't find an alternative to

if ($form->isSubmitted() ) {

Should I just do it the symfony way?


Try it

patch is a your controller name and the action name

 <form class="formSearch" action="{{ path('patch') }}" method="POST">
     <input class="inputSearch" type="text" name="issn">

     <div class="">
         <button class="buttonSerch2" type="submit">serach</button>

 * @Route("/main/patch",name="patch")
public function patchAction(Request $request)
if ($request->getMethod() == Request::METHOD_POST) {
$Issn =trim($request->get('issn'));


Never mind. I found an article which appears to show what I'm trying to do. http://symfony.com/doc/current/form/without_class.html

  • Hmmm. The link you posted is about the data class. You still need a form class. – Cerad Jul 30 '18 at 12:50

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