I have a local image in my folder. but I can't use this image. Folders structure:

enter image description here

I want to use logo.jpg in login.component.html. I am using this code:

<img src="img/logo.jpg">

But isn't work for me

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    the path of the image should be '../../../img/logo.png' – Vaibhav Kumar Goyal Jul 30 '18 at 18:27

TL;DR: Supposing you are using @angular/cli try to move your img folder under src\assets and then do <img src="assets/img/logo.jpg">.

Standard way is to put assets to assets folder under your app source root. The builder is told in angular.json to include assets by defining (for example):

projects.<your-project>.architect.build.options.assets: [ "src/assets", "src/favicon.ico", "src/manifest.json" ]

Whatever is defined there will be copied verbatim to your dist folder.

Note that assets must be under src root, somewhere. Therefore trying to add "src/../img" to config will fail. At least with my config and CLI.

Edit: Just noticed you mention Angular5. That is long time ago but IIRC the config file there was named .angular.json (see the dot). The structure of config is slightly different, just look for "assets".


you need to provider the entire relative path

i think it's:


or maybe


change the path to: '../../../img/logo.png'

or Move the imgs to under assets in src, src/assets

and then refer in your img src as:

img src="assets/img/logo.png">

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