In our application, we support both APIs, Camera and Camera2, for taking pictures. What I noticed is that we are getting different zoom-in depths across both the APIs.

Using Camera1 API, setting the zoom level is straightforward:

Camera.Paramenters params = mCamera.getParameters();

Using Camera2 API, zoom level is set as follows (code taken for standard Camera2 sample application):

final int zoomScale = 200;
captureBuilder.set(CaptureRequest.SCALER_CROP_REGION, new
     Rect(zoomScale * mZoomLevel, zoomScale * mZoomLevel, mStartBounds.right
     - (zoomScale * mZoomLevel), mStartBounds.bottom - (zoomScale * mZoomLevel)));

The Android device I am using has a max zoom value of 4. At zoom level 4, Camera1 seems to zoom in much more than Camera2 (by at least 10%).

I am wondering if I missed something in my calculation or is it just the way Camera2 API has been designed. Regards.


I'm not sure how you selected the value 200 for zoomScale. The crop region for camera2 is in the coordinates of the sensor's active array, so if you want a 2x zoom, you need to set the rectangle to be half the width and height of the active array.

Rough sample code:

CameraCharacteristics c = cameraManager.getCameraCharacteristics(cameraId);
Rect activeArray = c.get(CameraCharacteristics.SENSOR_INFO_ACTIVE_ARRAY_SIZE);
int cropWidth = activeArray.width() / mZoomLevel;
int cropHeight = activeArray.height() / mZoomLevel; 
int cropLeft = (activeArray.width() - cropWidth) / 2;
int cropTop = (activeArray.height() - cropHeight) / 2;
Rect cropRegion = new Rect(cropLeft, cropTop, cropLeft + cropWidth, cropTop + cropHeight)
captureBuilder.set(CaptureRequest.SCALER_CROP_REGION, cropRegion);

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