I am currently using the loc function as:

    import numpy as np
    import pandas as pd
    df = pd.DataFrame({"A": [1,2,3], "B": [2,3,4]})

    a=df.loc[(df.A==1), ['B']]

This returns "B 2" instead of "2" so I can't append that value into my output table as:


How can I get just "2" instead of the header and value?


There aree several factors here.

First of all,

df.loc[(df.A==1), 'B']

is different from

df.loc[(df.A==1), ['B']]

The former gives you a pd.Series, the latter yields a pd.DataFrame. You probably want the first one, which should work for the code you posted. If you really want only 2 and know that the series will have only one item, you can explicitly do

df.loc[(df.A==1), 'B'].item()

to get the returned value.

Second, if output_table is a data frame you probably want

output_table.low[row, 'column'] = a

instead of output_table['column'][row]. The latter statement will modify a copy of your data frame, while the former will modify the data frame. I'd recommend checking the .loc docs page for more information on this.

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