So, I have a page which is basically a table.

What I want to do via html/css/javascript is auto scroll the page some rows down, stay there for like 30 seconds, do that again if there is more area to scroll down, stay there again for like 30 seconds and do that again and again. If there is no more room to scroll down, go from the top of the page and start scrolling again.

Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.


You can use ELEMENT.scrollTop to set the amount of scrolling. If the height of a row is 64px, lets say, and you want to scroll down 2 rows every 30 seconds, you can do this:

var rowHeight = 64;
var wait = 30;
var rowsPerScroll = 2;
var scrollInterval = setInterval(function(){
    window.scrollTop += ((rowHeight * rowsPerScroll)%window.innerHeight)
},wait*1000); //wait * 1000 because wait is in seconds, not milliseconds.

If its not working tell me i will edit this post.

  • thank you very much mate !! – soulremover Jul 31 '18 at 9:22

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