I need some help. I have two values that come from a separate query and tables but are linked together. The one data has an integer value from Table A:

WebDealerType: "1"

that I display in the field, next to it I offer a drop box with other value options that come from Table B:

(4) […]
0: Object { DealerTypeID: "1", DealerTypeName: "Vehicle" }
1: Object { DealerTypeID: "2", DealerTypeName: "Recreational" }
2: Object { DealerTypeID: "3", DealerTypeName: "Auctions" }
3: Object { DealerTypeID: "4", DealerTypeName: "Mobility" }

This is set in the controller:

$scope.product = angular.copy(item); //Table A

Data.get('typeIDInfo').then(function (data) {
    $scope.product.typeID = data.data; //Table B

If the user selects a new value from the select box I want to update the newly selected integer value in the <input>. My problem is that it is updating it but putting the full object value in the input field instead of just the product.typeID.

This is the HTML:

<input value="{{product.WebDealerType}}" />
<select ng-model="product.WebDealerType" 
    ng-options="option.DealerTypeID+' -  '+option.DealerTypeName  for option in product.typeID track by option.DealerTypeID" 
    class="form-control" style="width: 200px;display: inline">

This is what it does right now. Image of dropbox:

Console log after selecting from the Input box:

WebDealerType: {…}
DealerTypeID: "4"
DealerTypeName: "Mobility Dealerships"

All I want to show and grab from the <input> field is the option.DealerTypeID value. I am just not sure how to achieve that.

  • Just so you know, the [angular] tag is for versions of Angular >= 2. This question is clearly for Angular 1.x and should use the [angularjs] tag otherwise people might not find your question. – Simon K Jul 31 '18 at 1:13
  • Thank you for letting me know did not realize I put the wrong tag on my question. – scooby Jul 31 '18 at 13:28

You need to review the ng-options syntax: AngularJS: API: ngOptions

select as label for value in array


  • select = what gets bound to ng-model on selection
  • label = what gets displayed to the user
  • value = variable for the current array value
  • array = the array you're iterating over

So your syntax should be the following:

<select ng-model="product.WebDealerType" ng-options="option.DealerTypeID as option.DealerTypeID+' -  '+option.DealerTypeName  for option in product.typeID track by option.DealerTypeID" class="form-control" style="width: 200px;display: inline"></select>
  • Thank you so much this worked out for me. – scooby Jul 31 '18 at 13:29

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