So before with reporters i made a matrix consisting purely of text and then made it into a flextable and at last added it to my Word document. That way i created a header for my document. Example:

Header <- matrix("",1,3)

Header[1] <- paste("bla bla") 
Header[2] <- paste("blu blu")  
Header[3] <- paste("ble ble")  

myheader <- FlexTable(data = Header,                                                                                   header.columns = F,
                      add.rownames = F,
                      header.cell.props = cellProperties( background.color = "white" ),
                      header.text.props = textProperties( color = "black",
                                                          font.size = 11),
                      body.text.props = textProperties( font.size = 11, 
                                                        font.weight = "bold"))

Now when i try to convert it into a flextable with the new function:

myheader <- flextable(Header) 

It says

" Error in flextable(Header) : is.data.frame(data) is not TRUE"

or by:

myheader <- flextable(Header, col.keys = names(Header))

It says

" Error in flextable(Header, col.keys = names(Header)) : unused argument (col.keys = names(Header)"

What am i doing wrong? Thank you in advance! Ps. Feel free to modify my visual presentation (im still trying to figure it out on here). Also i just noticed, that i get the same problem with data tables, so theres definitely something i've missed.


Your Header object is a matrix:

[1] "matrix"

You can convert it to a data.frame using as.data.frame()


flextable result

Alternatively, you could use tableHTML which also accepts matrices:

Header %>% 
  tableHTML(rownames = FALSE,
            theme = "scientific")

The result here is:

tableHTML result

  • Thank you @clemens! It worked. Do you know how i can move this to the header part of my docx? Im using the same template i did before, or i think: doc201 <- read_docx(path = "Style.docx") But it keeps ending up in the text part. – Kristina Jul 31 '18 at 8:59
  • I think you may want to ask a separate question for that one, I can't answer it without more detail and especially not in the comments – clemens Jul 31 '18 at 10:19

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