I want on every push i do to tfs git repository that the Assembly Info file (Assembly version) will change on the build process. I have a task on the build process that changes the AssemblyInfo.cs files, then i want to also push this changes to the master repository so that i can pull the changes from visual studio and see that the Assembly Info source file has changed as well.

Thank you.

  • That's not a question. What did you try? What is your problem? – Philippe Jul 31 '18 at 10:08
  • What is the ultimate goal? only update the AssemblyInfo.cs file? Why don't you update it directly and push the changes to Git repository? – Andy Li-MSFT Aug 1 '18 at 7:44

You can use a PowerShell task to push the updated assembly files into the git repo. Detail as below:

1. Add a PowerShell task after the step AssemblyInfo.cs is changed

After the task which changes AssemblyInfo.cs file, add a PowerShell task with the version 2.*(preview).

enter image description here

2. Commit change the push to TFS git repo by PowerShell script

Use the script as below to commit and push changes:

git add .  # Or use "git add /path/to/AssemblyInfo.cs" instead
git commit -m 'commit changes for AssemblyInfo.cs file'
git push origin HEAD:$branch

enter image description here

Now, after each build, the updated AssemblyInfo.cs file will be pushed into the TFS git repo.

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