I installed the new QtCreator which comes with the new clang language model and provides lots of useful warnings. However one of them annoys me: Winconsistent-missing-destructor-override. How to disable this one and keep the other warnings?

UPDATE: I am talking about the warnings which I get as in-line warnings in the text editor in Qt Creator IDE (which uses Clang toolchain). I am not talking about the warnings produced when compiling the project (which is for example MSVC in my case).

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To disable specific warning annotations in the Qt IDE:

Go to Tools -> Options -> C++ -> Code Model

Click Manage next to Diagnostic Configuration

Select Clang-only checks for almost everything[built-in]

Click Copy on the upper right corner

Go to the copied version of the Diagnostics Configuration and append -Wno-inconsistent-missing-destructor-override in the text field under the Clang tab.

You can read more about configuring the Clang Code Model here.

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