I have access to the .vbox files - but when 'adding' them as machines they seem to still point to the old path which I'm not able to modify...

How can I fix these?

I can't symlink things to the old path because that is going to be a massive headache to move things around...

enter image description here

Attempt 2:

I've removed ALL the machines. I've imported the 'vbox' file, and now it's allowing me to change the 'vdi' path. However when I try changing it it is showing me this error:

Cannot register the hard disk '/mnt/sandiskssd-238/vmImages/64bit/Ubuntu 17.10 Artful (64bit).vdi' {5f70191b-a198-4c62-ab22-d5697b1a2d37} because a hard disk '/mnt/596/vmImages/64bit/Ubuntu 17.10 Artful (64bit).vdi' with UUID {5f70191b-a198-4c62-ab22-d5697b1a2d37} already exists.

enter image description here

Attempt 3:

I've removed the ~/.config/VirtualBox/VirtualBox.xml file and tried the above with the same behavior.


I modified the actual .vbox files (they're in xml) and changed the path listed in the snapshot:

In my case that line looked like:

<HardDisk uuid="{5f70191b-a198-4c62-ab22-d5697b1a2d37}" location="/mnt/sandiskssd-238/vmImages/64bit/Ubuntu 17.10 Artful (64bit).vdi" format="VDI" type="Normal">
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