I have VS 2017 and in debug encountered a message like this (not my code, had to find it in the internet as i don't have this message any longer) enter image description here

I've pressed "Enable" and the message has disappeared, but now it affects my debugging as simple assignment operation var a = "something" throws null reference exceptions and my code fails, is there any way to revert the "Enable" action and rollback the changes made by it?

UPD 1:
I tried devenv reset, updating and reinstalling vs, didn't fix the issue

UPD 2:
the issue seems to be more of a cosmetic origin, calling a method with a variable that threw an exception as one of the parameters results in a correct value being passed to the called method

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    You seem not to be the only one: stackoverflow.com/questions/40608458/… Commented Aug 3, 2018 at 17:37
  • There are multiple reports of this exact issue, but i'm ok with rolling back and just getting the error instead of NRE in variable, so slightly different
    – HardLuck
    Commented Aug 3, 2018 at 17:50

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"...is there any way to revert the "Enable" action..."

Disabling Extensions can happen from the Tools -> Extensions and Updates window.

enter image description here

As far as being able to rollback changes made by it, make sure Visual Studio is not synchronizing settings, and do a full uninstall/reinstall.

Synchronization settings are outlined here.

In order to provide more help, I would need to know what extensions are installed.

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