I'm trying to learn C# by building a basic IOS map application.

I'm having trouble understanding how I should be modifying attributes in the my_map class instance. Should it be in a overridden ViewController constructor or is there a special method it should be in similar to ReleaseDesignerOutlets()?

    // actions declared in your storyboard file.
    // Manual changes to this file will not be maintained.
    using Foundation;
    using System;
    using System.CodeDom.Compiler;
    using UIKit;

    namespace my_mapp_app
        [Register ("ViewController")]
        partial class ViewController
            [GeneratedCode ("iOS Designer", "1.0")]
            MapKit.MKMapView my_map{ get; set; }

            # Problem code
            my_map.MapType = MapKit.MKMapType.Hybrid;
            my_map.ZoomEnabled = true;
            # End problem code 

            void ReleaseDesignerOutlets ()

                if (my_map != null) {
                    my_map.Dispose ();
                    my_map = null;

Going off this example https://github.com/xamarin/ios-samples/blob/master/MapDemo/MapDemo/MapViewController.cs

I learned that you should change the attributes in the parent UIViewController method ViewDidLoad() so that it the attributes are changed after the view finishes loading.

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