I have a Simple Injector DI Container which helps instantiate the various dependencies I'll need for my function. I know static variables have special treatment in Azure Functions and I want to make sure I'm doing it right. Here's my code below. Is this correct?

public static class DeviceDataFunction
    public static Container Container = SimpleInjectionInitializer.Initialize();

    public static void Run([ServiceBusTrigger("devicedatatopic", "devicedatasubscription", AccessRights.Manage, Connection = @"ConnectionStringKey")]string data, Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.ILogger log)
        var logger = new ILoggerAdapter(log);

        logger.Info($"DeviceDataFunction ServiceBus topic trigger function processed message: {data}");

            var DeviceDataService = new DeviceDataHelper(logger,
        catch(Exception ex)
            var message = (ex.InnerException != null) ? ex.Message + "\n" + ex.InnerException.Message : ex.Message;
            message += (ex.InnerException != null) ? ex.StackTrace + "\n" + ex.InnerException.StackTrace : ex.StackTrace;
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    I wouldn't advise your current approach, but to prevent repeating myself, please read this. – Steven Jul 31 at 20:59

It looks technically correct.

Azure Functions don't have any special treatment for statics, it's just that because a Function is always static, you have to use static initializers.

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