Ubuntu install 18.04 updated installed Oracle Java SE Development Kit 8 Installed gnupg, curl, wget used the QUICK INSTALLATION GUIDE UBUNTU script at the very end I get Initilize OpenNMS .... FAILED. Ubuntu Newb... I don't know where to start to trouble shoot. I don't think it is even running.

There is some contention among the OpenNMS community about using scripts to install OpenNMS.

I'm old, so I like using good ol' apt.

I made a video on installing OpenNMS that you might find helpful. It covers all the steps you need to get it installed. It's pretty simple: once you add the repository and the GPG key to your sources you can install the application. Then you need to make a change to the PostgreSQL database for permissions, and then you can initialize the database and get going with OpenNMS.

  • Thank you very helpful. I had to re-install Ubuntu and the entire script package. I don't know what I missed but it was 'something' Your VIDEO is top notch. – I B 4est Aug 8 at 20:55

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