I normally add a new node to OpenNMS by adding the IP as an "interface to scan". It usually works within seconds but lately the nodes aren't being added. I've checked SNMP and ping from the OpenNMS server, and I get responses from the servers I'm trying to add so I don't think it's a firewall issue.

I'm sure there's a log somewhere that tells me what's going on but I can't find it. I've searched the following for the IPs I'm trying to add without success: collectd.log, discover.log, enlinkd.log, instrumentation.log, poller.log, statsd.log, web.log.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Update: I turned on DEBUG for provisiond and now see that the newSuspect event is generated when I add the interface for scanning. Also in the Event screen I can see that the interface "has been discovered and is being queued for a services scan" but OpenNMS won't add the node. Any ideas where I can look to see why it won't add?

Update2: After making little progress figuring out why the provisiond.log wouldn't show anything, I restarted the OpenNMS services and now it's working again. Provisiond.log shows entries and I'm able to add nodes.

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