I am writing a shortest-path counting algorithm. To do so I am using BGL's implementation of Dijkstra's shortest paths. However this function does not appear to record degenerate shortest paths (an issue which has received some discussion in previous threads e.g., FInding All Shortest Paths Between Two Vertices and How to record all the shortest paths from a source vertex to a destination vertex). [Note: by 'degenerate' I am referring to paths of equal length, cost, weight etc., starting and ending at the same nodes s and t, but passing through different intermediate nodes]

What I have found is that the BGL implementation of Brandes Betweenness Centrality (boost/graph/betweenness_centrality.hpp) DOES implement a modified Dijkstra's algorithm using a visitor function that accounts for degenerate shortest paths. Unfortunately this code does not provide a stand-alone version of the modified shortest-paths function.

I am about to embark on creating one, but have no experience with visitor functions, and want to know if it already exists somewhere (I have not been able to find it). I would also appreciate comments on the feasibility of extracting the modified shortest paths function from the existing brandes algorithm implementation.

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