I want to be able to disable a formly field based on 2 conditions. One being model value being equal to true and my declared variable being equal to true.

I've tried those 2 options but they don't seem to work and documentation doesn't cover my scenario.

I declare vm.isManaged = true; right at the top of my controller and then tried this

     className: 'clearfix col-xs-12 col-md-4',
     type: 'input',
     key: postcode,
     templateOptions: {
        label: 'Postcode',
        maxlength: 12
     expressionProperties: {
        'templateOptions.disabled': 'model.sold || vm.isManaged'

or this

expressionProperties: {
   'templateOptions.disabled': 'model.sold' || vm.isManaged

I know it's possible to declare isManaged as part of the model and then do

expressionProperties: {
   'templateOptions.disabled': 'model.sold || model.isManaged'

but this is the solution I'm trying to avoid.

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