I have this table: https://codepen.io/anon/pen/bjvwOx Each time I click a row (e.g 1st row 'NODE ID 1'), the div with the id #divTemplate should appear below the row as you can see in the demo link.

The problems are (I know of) :

  1. The div displays all the contents from endpointsData object(e.g if I click on the first row, the div should contain 'EPID: 1', not 'EPID: 1234' as you can see in demo).

  2. The 'accordion' display of the div works chaotic. In demo you can see if you press multiple times on a row, the div just appears in different places, till it doesn't work any more

For the 1st problem I did this: https://codepen.io/anon/pen/Owvbae (I selected each id from div)


Is there a way I can loop this? Any ideas for the second problem?


To fix the 'accordion' you should put it in your <tr class="header">, then use jquery and listen when pressed on it.

$('.header').on('click' function() {
// code

After that use $('this') to get what has been pressed, and target it's children row .children([selector]) to manipulate the acordion.

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