When I call nvEncOpenEncodeSessionEx, program stalls some times. I am using DirectX 11 device for encoding. This call is inside separate thread (not main thread). This is the protion of code, that does not work:

encodeSessionParams.version = NV_ENC_OPEN_ENCODE_SESSION_EX_PARAMS_VER;
encodeSessionParams.apiVersion = NVENCAPI_VERSION;
encodeSessionParams.device = (LPVOID)m_pDXDevice;
encodeSessionParams.deviceType = NV_ENC_DEVICE_TYPE_DIRECTX;

nvStatus = m_lpEncodeAPI->nvEncOpenEncodeSessionEx(&encodeSessionParams, &m_hEncoder);

m_pDXDevice is a ID3D11Device.

Is there any limitations in multithreaded encoding?

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