I'm trying to setup Jenkins with GitHub Authentication and GitHub team based authorisation strategy.

I've set up projects in Jenkins by creating an GitHub Organisation and it has populated all the projects from repositories in org. Let's assume my organisation is named My Org and it has repositories T1-abc, T1-pqr, T2-abc etc.

I'm using Role based authorisation plugin for setting up RBAC. This is where I'm running into a problem.

I've got some teams in my GitHub org called T1, T2, Readers which I want to use for RBAC. Some examples:


  1. All members of T1 can see and build jobs of pattern T1.* (which are created from repositories in the org).
  2. All members in T1 can see and build jobs of pattern T2.*.
  3. All members of Readers can only see jobs of pattern T1.* and T2.*

Current Implementation

  1. I've created a Global role with Overall Read.
  2. I've created some project specific roles:
    1. Role name: T1-Admin; Pattern: T1.* and ticked all the available roles.
    2. Role name: T2-Admin; Pattern: T2.* and ticked all the available roles.
    3. Role name: Readers; Pattern: T.* and ticked Job>Read role.


Any user (which isn't admin itself), can't see any jobs (or orgs) in Jenkins.

Alternative solutions tried

Changing the pattern of T1-Admin, if I put My.Org.*, anyone on T1 can see and run any jobs under My Org.

But when I change pattern to My.Org.*T1.*, it stops working and users in T1 team can't see any jobs any more.


What can I specify as pattern when using GitHub org plugin with Role based Authz plugin to so that I can restrict on repository based jobs level.

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