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How can I convert my java program to an .exe file ?

I'd like to create a Windows .exe for a Java program. Previously, I've used JEXECreator for this, but it's not entirely satisfactory because:

  • The executable sometimes works on the machine on which it was created but not on others.
  • The program is commercial; if you use the trial version, it adds a nag screen to your application.

I don't need the generated .exe to work if Java is not installed on the target machine (in fact, I think this is impossible).

Any recommendations?

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Launch4j perhaps? Can't say I've used it myself, but it sounds like what you're after.

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    May I also suggest if you need to create a native app for more than just Windows then JWrapper allows you to create native apps from Java on the main platforms (Windows Linux, Mac) for free. It runs on any OS, supports built-in code signing, iconifying and auto-updating, and it can optionally bundle the JRE in a very small (heavily compressed) package. – AntonyM Feb 20 '13 at 12:01
  • I was about to suggest JWrapper before I saw @AntonyM 's comment.. JWrapper is my best advice if you're looking to support multiple OS. – Taslim Jan 22 '18 at 17:01

Most of the programs that convert java applications to .exe files are just wrappers around the program, and the end user will still need the JRE installed to run it. As far as I know there aren't any converters that will make it a native executable from bytecode (There have been attempts, but if any turned out successful you would hear of them by now).

As for wrappers, the best ones i've used (as previously suggested) are:




best of luck!


If you really want an exe Excelsior JET is a professional level product that compiles to native code:


You can also look at JSMooth:


And if your application is compatible with its compatible with AWT/Apache classpath then GCJ compiles to native exe.


I used exe4j to package all java jars into one final .exe file, which user can use it as normal windows application.


The Java Service Wrapper might help you, depending on your requirements.


You could try exe4j. This is effectively what we use through its cousin install4j.


If Java is installed on the target machine, there is no need to create an .exe file. A .jar file should be sufficient.

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    If the end-user is non-technical, then a .jar file is sufficient only if Java is installed on the target machine and java.exe is on the PATH and the main class is specified in the manifest file. in general, .exes are a bit simpler for non-technical people to execute. – Dónal Sep 8 '09 at 19:23
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