Kubernetes top (kubectl top) command shows different memory usage than Linux top command ran inside pod.

I’ve created k8s deployment where YAML contains these memory limits:

    cpu: "1"
    memory: 2500Mi
    cpu: 200m
    memory: 2Gi

Following commands have output as shown:

bash4.4$ kubectl top pod PODNAME 

NAME                     CPU(cores)   MEMORY(bytes)   
openam-d975d46ff-rnp6h   2m           1205Mi

Run linux top command:

Kubectl exec -it PODNAME top 

Mem: 12507456K used, 4377612K free, 157524K shrd, 
187812K buff, 3487744K cached

Note ‘free -g’ also shows 11Gb used.

Issue is this contradicts "kubectl top" which shows only 1205 mb used.


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Command kubectl top shows metrics for a given pod. That information is based on reports from cAdvisor, which collects real pods resource usage.

If you run top inside the pod, it will be like you run it on the host system because the pod is using kernel of the host system. Unix top uses proc virtual filesystem and reads /proc/meminfofile to get an actual information about current memory status. Containers inside pods partially share /procwith the host system include path about a memory and CPU information.

More information you can find in these documents: kubectl-top-pod man page, Memory inside Linux containers

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