Test case:

use 5.026;
use Perl6::Controls qw(for);

for (1..10) -> $n {
    say $n;

loop {};


Can't call method "loop" without a package or object reference


infinite loop

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use Perl6::Controls qw(for);
    delete $^H{'Keyword::Simple/keywords'}{"loop"};

which I stumbled into running your script through B::Deparse.

To pick and choose the keywords you want to keep, you could say

use Perl6::Controls;
    my @keep = ...;    # e.g.  @keep = qw(for);
    my %keywords;
    @keywords{@keep} = @{$^H{'Keyword::Simple/keywords'}}{@keep};
    $^H{'Keyword::Simple/keywords'} = \%keywords;
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    $^H{'Keyword::Simple/keywords'} is a super global variable, so make sure that @keep has all the keywords from all the other packages that define keywords as well – JGNI Aug 2 at 15:42

You can't. Looking at the source-code for Perl6::Controls it uses it's own import method to define all the new keywords using Keyword::Declare. It ignores any parameters passed on the use line.

  • What's the work-around? – daxim Aug 2 at 15:03

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