I have to sort on a field that is one level nested using the elastic java high level rest client api. I could find this answer

Elasticsearch nested sorting

The problem is that the answer uses SortBuilder for sorting nested fields using the following code :

SortBuilder sb = SortBuilders.fieldSort("authorList.lastName")

However it seems that nestedPath and NestedFilter have been deprecated in 6.3.2 elastic (deprication info)and a new NestedSortBuilder has been introduced. However I was not able to build a query using it. Can anyone please explain how to use it or perhaps point me to an example where it has been used?


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Actually was easy. This works for me :

SortBuilders.fieldSort("bulkOrders.expiryDate").order(SortOrder.asc).setNestedSort(new NestedSortBuilder("bulkOrders"));

This is equivalent to :

"sort": [
          "bulkOrders.expiryDate": {
            "order": "asc",
            "nested": {
              "path": "bulkOrders"

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