In Chrome, on a paragraph element,

text-align: justify;

works fine and creates a block alignment, but has no effect in Firefox or Safari. Any suggestions?


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Set the white-space property to pre-line. It will force to collapse into a single whitespace and the text will wrap on line breaks. This will help to block align:

   white-space: pre-line;

Posting in behalf of the OP who posted the answer in comment

I believe I solved the problem:

 white-space: pre-wrap; 

was interfering so I used

white-space: unset; 

to solve the issue.


On paragraph element or <p> is block label element but DTD says it's contain inline element. If text-align: justify not working you have to check your browser user agent stylesheet. If p is display: block / inline-block; then text-align: justify; will work.

    display: block; /* inline-block; */
    text-align: justify;

It will solve your Firefox and Safari issue.

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