I'm trying to use Accumulators inside a SparkListener to record the number of records processed inside a DataFrame that was created from a Spark SQL Query.

After that, if I try to create a Dataframe via SQL Query, it returns the correct amount of records inside the DataFrame. However, when I tried to rerun it several times, the value inside the accumulator is incorrect.

The code is shown below:

Attaching a Listener In SparkContext:

_sparkContext.addSparkListener(new SparkListener() { 
    override def onTaskEnd(taskEnd: SparkListenerTaskEnd) {



Code for Incrementing Accumulator:

  private var recordAccumulator = ContextHelper.getSparkContext.accumulator(0, "Record Count")
  private var stageAccumulator = ContextHelper.getSparkContext().accumulator(0, "Stage Id")

def incrementRecord(taskEnd:SparkListenerTaskEnd) = {

      if(taskEnd.taskInfo.accumulables.size > 0 && taskEnd.taskType.toLowerCase().contains("shuffle")){
        val extractedValue = taskEnd.taskMetrics.shuffleWriteMetrics.get.shuffleRecordsWritten.toInt
        if(stageAccumulator.value == taskEnd.stageId.toInt){
          recordAccumulator += extractedValue

hiveContext.sql("select * from (select *, 'a' d from tempo_one union all select * from tempo_one join ( select 'b' d) a union all select * from tempo_one join ( select 'b' d) a union all select * from tempo_one join ( select 'b' d) a) b ").registerTempTable("df1") // 180 records

Code for executing SQL Queries:

val hiveContext = new HiveContext(sparkContext)
hiveContext.sql("select * from df1 where d = 'b'").registerTempTable("df2") //135 records

hiveContext.sql("select * from df1 where d = 'a'").registerTempTable("df3") //45 records

recordAccumulator.value //Value should be 45 however, it sometimes results to 34.

I ran this in local mode and the spark version is 1.6.0

Any leads or reason on why the accumulator value is helpful.

Thank you.

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