I am trying to do a continuous improvement similar to how the file search in Eclipse works. We have a SAS Base code repository and I would like to map where an include file is called until the parent SAS code is found. Then I like to have it mapped in a flow (with an --> pointing) and put it inside a text file.

For instance I have this list module:

MODULES = module1

for i in `echo $MODULES`
       grep -Ril "%include $i`

If the above code returns something, I plan to parse the result and will do another for loop to find out if the parsed result is being called into another code. Then the final output should be a text file which looks like below. If the code is called by multiple modules it should create separate lines.

 module1 --> module1a --> module1b --> module_final
 module1 --> module2a --> module2b --> module_final2 

Any tips on how can I achieve this output? I am sure that at most 5 loops is the only limit to get to the final calling module so that's 1.

Thanks in advance

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