Existing Setup

  • Publisher : Server 1 SQL Server 2012 Enterprise hosting database 1 (500GB)
  • Subscriber : Server 2 SQL Server 2012 Enterprise hosting database 2

Database 1 replicates to database 2 using snapshot replication. This setup is working fine.

Change: I need to migrate database 1 to Server 3 and leverage the existing replication setup (with any minor changes in the configuration to tell the subscriber that the publisher database 1 has been moved to server 3)

Problem: I understand that snapshot replication leverages the LSN of the backup files and once database 1 is migrated to server 3, its LSN changes and hence snapshot replication from database 1 (server 3) to database 2(server 2) starts failing.

Is there a workaround to this?

I cannot re-setup the replication due to the file size of 500 GB is too large for the network to handle

  • I don't understand. If it's Snapshot replication, then it uses a complete copy of the replicated tables anyway. – David Browne - Microsoft Aug 3 at 14:21

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