I've been following the guidance on google to create a PWA, but I am interested if there are any conventions to communicate with your data server that you are being called by a PWA. Is the easiest thing to add a parameter to the request i.e.

var dataUrl = 'https://query.myapi.com/v1/get?source=pwa';

and then check the source parameter? Or should I add to the request header?

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In your code

if (window.matchMedia('(display-mode: standalone)').matches) {  
    // do things here  
    // set a variable to be used when calling something  
    // e.g. call Google Analytics to track standalone use   

** Assumption made that you are also setting up your app to be added to the users home screen as a shortcut

You have to pass in the traffic source to Google Analytics indicating its from PWA. Refer this answer on more details.

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