After opening PyCharm (Professional 2018.2) and working there for few mins and come out of PyCharm windows for some other activities reading emails, googling etc, I noticed that PyCharm window is closed automatically.

All these files (.py) and Projects are created locally and I can happily read and write my codes but with my current issues, I need to be stayed active in PyCharm window only in order words no switching to other windows

After re-opening the PyCharm windows, I can see the last line where I was, the project tree structure are on the same place no collapses

I dont think,my issues are related to tab limit is the case as it is reset to 100 (max)

I believe there might be a setting where we need to disable the auto closed for the same windows Or Is this something a bug with Professional 2018.2

Any Inputs are highly appreciated.....

Thank You,

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