I have created dataframe by converting RDD to DF using map function. When I try to display records it is giving me exception.
Below is my code:

//Created case class
case class employees(emp_id:java.lang.Long,emp_name:String, job_name:String,manager_id:java.lang.Long,hire_date:String,salary:java.lang.Double,commision:java.lang.Double,dep_id:java.lang.Long);

// Created DF
val employeesDf=rd1.map(_.split(",")).map(p=>employees(p(0).toLong,p(1),p(2),p(3).toLong,p(4),p(5).toDouble,p(6).toDouble,p(7).toLong)).toDF()

scala> employeesDf
    res5: org.apache.spark.sql.DataFrame = [emp_id: bigint, emp_name: string, job_name: string, manager_id: bigint, hire_date: string, salary: double, commision: double, dep_id: bigint]

But when I try to show some records it throws an exception. Below is the error:

scala> employeesDf.show()
18/08/05 07:08:43 ERROR executor.Executor: Exception in task 0.0 in stage 1.0 (TID 1)
java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: ""

Below is the dataset for employees:


So where am I going wrong ?? I am stuck since hours..

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I resolved my issue by creating UDF's and using it in map function. Below are the codes:

//Create case class for schema :

case class employees(emp_id:java.lang.Long,emp_name:String, job_name:String,manager_id:java.lang.Long,hire_date:String,salary:java.lang.Double,commision:java.lang.Double,dep_id:java.lang.Long);

// Create UDF’s for Long and double :

def getDoubleValue(value:String):Double= {
  val output:Double=if (value != null && value.trim.length>0) {
def getLongValue(value:String):Long= {
  val output:Long=if (value != null && value.trim.length>0) {

// Create RDD

val rdd=sc.textFile("file:////home/hduser/Desktop/Employees/employees.txt").filter(p=>{p!=null && p.trim.length>0})

// Create DF

val df=rdd.map(_.split(",")).map(p=>employees(getLongValue(p(0)),p(1),p(2),getLongValue(p(3)),p(4),getDoubleValue(p(5)),getDoubleValue(p(6)),getLongValue(p(7)))).toDF()

// Display records:


Your dataframe's some of the column contains empty strings and you are trying to parsing them to double , long. So either change these column to strings in case class or use if-else condition in parsing based on your business requirements. Like below

//Sample data in test.txt


val rdd=sc.textFile("C:\\spark\\programs\\test.txt").filter(p=>{p!=null && p.trim.length>0})

// Created DF
rdd.map(_.split(",")).map(p=>employees(p(0).toLong,p(1),p(2),if(p(3).length>0) p(3).toLong else 0,p(4),if(p(5).length>0) p(5).toDouble else 0, if(p(6).length>0) p(6).toDouble else 0,p(7).toLong)).toDF().show


|emp_id|emp_name|job_name|manager_id| hire_date|salary|commision|dep_id|
| 65646|   JONAS| MANAGER|     68319|1991-04-02|2957.0|      0.0|  2001|
| 64989|  ADELYN|SALESMAN|     66928|1991-02-20|1700.0|    400.0|  2001|
  • I tried and it throws below exception – Debuggerr Aug 5 at 14:44
  • java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "400.00" – Debuggerr Aug 5 at 14:44
  • Use trim also like p(6).trim.toDouble – Manoj Kumar Dhakd Aug 5 at 15:11
  • Tried. Doesn't help – Debuggerr Aug 5 at 15:53
  • @Debuggerr Please see my latest answer and its working fine – Manoj Kumar Dhakd Aug 5 at 18:37

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