Ours is ASP.net application which we recently migrated from Windows 2008 to Windows 2016 server IIS 10. In Windows 7 OS in IE 11, we face the issue where menu items are not accessible and is throwing error on hover over:(Chrome and Win 10 IE 11 application is working good)

The value for property 'Menu_HoverStatic' is null or undefined, not a function object.

Event Logs are registering a different error:

Event message: An error occurred processing a web or script resource request. The resource identifier failed to decrypt.

<Data>IIS APPPOOL\SDMS3AppPool</Data>
<Data>Unable to validate data.
   at System.Web.Configuration.MachineKeySection.EncryptOrDecryptData(Boolean fEncrypt, Byte[] buf, Byte[] modifier, Int32 start, Int32 length, Boolean useValidationSymAlgo, Boolean useLegacyMode, IVType ivType, Boolean signData)
  at System.Web.UI.Page.DecryptString(String s, Purpose purpose)
   at System.Web.Handlers.AssemblyResourceLoader.System.Web.IHttpHandler.ProcessRequest(HttpContext context)


We call SiteMap in master page:

    <div class="NavigationContent">
      <asp:Menu ID="Menu1" runat="server" Orientation="Horizontal" DataSourceID="SiteMapDataSource"  




      <asp:SiteMapDataSource ID="SiteMapDataSource" runat="server" ShowStartingNode="false" />                                    

Going through google, this error seems to be due to webresource.axd. I tried following suggestions among many:

App pool mode set to Integrated, .net 4

Set browser security level to low

Add webresource.axd in IIS handler mapping for application virtual directory. Webresource.axd in handler mapping

Thanks for all the help!!


I tried a lot of suggestions and at last this issue was resolved by machine key. If your server is a web farm, make sure you have same key in all servers.

<machineKey validationKey="2488181654410AFDA27F6A1F4855B75E4E3BD4C7A18969D151A7524CEBE432583762F430B31D86AEEFD368CD2104616C38EABFCBC7C658DA3A553******" decryptionKey="30DC1CA2BD1BDDAB7BFA18DE02B0059443EC656B39FAB179E38CBD82CCF4E***" validation="SHA1" decryption="Auto"/>

you can follow below article to generate machine key:

Generate Machine Key In IIS

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