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Replication synchronizes two copies of the same database, allowing users to have low latency access to data no matter where they are. These databases can live on the same server or on two different servers—CouchDB doesn’t make a distinction. If you change one copy of the database, replication will send these changes to the other copy.

I have following 2 confisions:

  1. Does this mean that every replicated DB is a new DB/copy of original DB or does it refers to the original DB?
  2. On replication will it increase the size of DB?

Note: These confusions are in context of PouchDB(mobile) to CouchDB(server) interactions. To be more precise, I want to do something like

Have also gone through but didn't got my answer.

  • As far as I know, the replicated DB is NOT a symbolic link to the original DB – user3405291 Aug 9 at 2:42

As far as I know, the replicated DB is NOT a symbolic link to original DB, but it's a duplicate.

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I posted the same question on CouchDB github repo and got the answer.

The replicated DB is a new copy. In the most general terms, it takes all the documents and attachments in the original DB (called the source) and puts them into a new DB (called the target).

If the replication is a continuous replication, then the source is also then monitored for any new changes, and, if they are any, those change are copied to the target as well.



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