I've a lot json file the structure of which looks like below:

  key1: 'val1'
  key2: {
          'key21': 'someval1',
          'key22': 'someval2',
          'key23': 'someval3',
          'date': '2018-07-31T01:30:30Z',
          'key25': 'someval4'
  key3: []
  ... some other objects

My goal is to get only these files where date field is from some period. For example from 2018-05-20 to 2018-07-20. I can't base on date of creation this files, because all of this was generated in one day. Maybe it is possible using sed or similar program?


Fortunately, the date in this format can be compared as a string. You only need something to parse the JSONs, e.g. Perl:

perl -l -0777 -MJSON::PP -ne '
   $date = decode_json($_)->{key2}{date};
   print $ARGV if $date gt "2018-07-01T00:00:00Z";
' *.json
  • -0777 makes perl slurp the whole files instead of reading them line by line
  • -l adds a newline to print
  • $ARGV contains the name of the currently processed file

See JSON::PP for details. If you have JSON::XS or Cpanel::JSON::XS, you can switch to them for faster processing.

I had to fix the input (replace ' by ", add commas, etc.) in order to make the parser happy.


If your files actually contain valid JSON, the task can be accomplished in a one-liner with , e.g.:

jq 'if .key2.date[0:10] | (. >= "2018-05-20" and . <= "2018-07-31") then input_filename else empty end' *.json

This is just an illustration. jq has date-handling functions for dealing with more complex requirements.

Handling quasi-JSON

If your files contain quasi-JSON, then you could use jq in conjunction with a JSON rectifier. If your sample is representative, then hjson could be used, e.g.

for f in *.qjson
  hjson -j $f | jq --arg f "$f" '
    if .key2.date[0:7] == "2018-07" then $f else empty end'

Try like this:

  1. Find a online converter. (for example: https://codebeautify.org/json-to-excel-converter#) and convert Json to CSV

  2. Open CSV file with Excel

  3. Filter your data

  • I need to keep format of this files. I just want to get only this where key2.date is a date from some period. – Nobody Noname Aug 6 '18 at 11:50

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