I have a secondary non-unique key named 'tileId' which I would like to use for searching. Therefore, I have created the following index:

  index: {
          fields: ['tileId']

Then it works fine when I'm using the following selector:

selector: {tileId: 1234567}

But when I try to search for a list of values with the following selector, it works but gives a warning about no matching index found:

selector: {tileId: {$in, [1234567, 2345678]}}
  1. What am I doing wrong and what should I change to query for documents, where (tileId === 1234567) OR (tileId === 2345678) OR (tileId === ... any other value from the array)?
  2. Finally, I want to add several more similar fields to this query to get something like this:

    selector: {tileId: {$in, [1234567, 2345678]},
               category: {$in, [list of categories]},
               subcategory: {$in, [list of subcategories]}

    Is it doable, and how?

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As I understand it, the current implementation of PouchDB Find only utilizes an index for contiguous keys (tileId values in this case). If you specify a query which interrogates a disparate set of records by tileId e.g. using an $or or $in clause, the (very basic) query planner elects not to use tileId as the basis for an index scan at all.

I think you'd be better off issuing multiple queries rather than using $in for the tileId. The additional filters maybe relatively cheap if the number of documents with the specified tileId is modest.

  • Ok, thanks for the answer. Though, I was expecting that since they have this '$in' qualifier, there should be a way to use it gracefully. How do think, Is there a way to get it working via map/reduce API? – Anton Pilyak Aug 7 at 16:13

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